If Tomorrow Never Comes: Planning ahead is worth the effort!

About 150,000 people around the world die every day; of these, about 730 are Canadians. Even though death is inevitable, life expectancy for Canadians has risen significantly in the last hundred years and continues to rise. A male born in Canada in 1911, for example, could expect to live for 47.1 years and a female for 50.1 years. A male born a century later in 2012 can expect to reach 79.8 years of age and a female to reach 83.9. This dramatic extension of life expectancy is largely attributable to a sharp reduction in infant and child mortality rates through…

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2016 Federal Budget Commentary

The 2016 Federal Budget was delivered on March 22, 2016. We would like to highlight some important personal, family and small business tax measures that affect your business, family and yourself. We have compiled a summary of notable changes discussed in the CPA Canada Federal Budget Summary for your reference. Read the complete CPA Canada Federal Budget Commentary 2016

The CPA Summary report points out key themes that are prevalent in the new Federal Budget, including economic growth, job creation, and the strengthening of a stronger middle class. Many measures have been introduced to encourage growth or restore benefits…

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