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Some of our customers choose to express their appreciation for our efforts to provide the very best professional services.

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by Justin Li on Song & Ho Group LLP
Intricate tax problems

Stephanie and her team were not only knowledgeable, they were highly responsive and followed-up with my case closely even while I was away on my vacation, which made me even more relaxed amidst some intricate tax problems I had prepared for her. If you're looking for a CGA, look no further. Stephanie and her team helped save me time and the run-around typically involved in tax planning. Highly recommended.

by Michael D on Song & Ho Group LLP
So happy to have found Song & Ho Group!

I am so happy to have found Song & Ho Group. There was a simple tax form that a previous "tax specialist" missed that i wasn't even aware of. Julie picked up on it right away and knew what measures needed to be taken. In the process she had kept me up to date with great detail and in addition has always been kind and responsive to any further accounting/tax questions I had. Julie took a big weight off my shoulders and I strongly recommend her services.

by Matthias Hoehne on Song & Ho Group LLP
I fully recommend Stephanie Song and Julie Ho

I fully recommend Stephanie Song and Julie Ho. I am very pleased with them because of their work style including their good probing questions to correctly understand a situation, their proactive style to find appropriate solutions and their professional, and very friendly way of communication.

by Kaiyu L. on Song & Ho Group LLP
Efficient Professional Service From Stephanie

As a business owner for the first time, I know having a professional accountant is an important part of the process in doing the business. Stephanie is not the first accountant I talked to but the fifth one and she is the ONLY one that I feel comfortable with. I like how she is very helpful and patient with all my questions and concerns. I still remember our first conversation on the phone, she gave me a lot of detailed advice that you would not expect from most accountants and she also reminded me some things that I would need to prepare before the business opens, therefore, I'm sure she is the right person for me! She always responds to my needs fast and efficiently so I'll recommend her to anyone looking for a professional accountant.

by Bob P. on Song & Ho Group LLP
Stephanie is the real thing... a rare find these days

I have found Stephanie Song to be a quick study, intelligent, effective and efficient. Tasks and undertakings that previous staff accountants agonized over, and took forever to complete, Stephanie delivers in no time at all. She is quick to grasp new concepts or direction and before you know it, the new strategy is implemented.Another thing I find refreshing, and not often found, is her efficiency in the use of paper documents, which is minimal. Apart from historical records required by law and tax, everything else is stored logically on our servers. Too many accountants fill up filing cabinets to show how busy they are...not Stephanie. She is all business. I would recommend her skills to any small to medium sized business in need of efficient accounting and guidance.

by Henry L. on Song & Ho Group LLP
Diligent and friendly service

In our experience with Stephanie, she is very patient and professional at her work. We trust her work and feel relieved to her taking care us.

by Eddy J. on Song & Ho Group LLP
Professionalism, honesty, efficiency, and fast results

Professionalism, honesty, efficiency, and fast results

by Mina K. on Song & Ho Group LLP
Professional and personable

Stephanie is an excellent CGA with a great heart. She is very knowledgeable and helpful, her fees are surprisingly reasonable. I am proud to recommend her a trustworthy professional.

by Joyce C. on Song & Ho Group LLP
Professional and knowledgeable service

Stephanie was very patient in explaining and exploring different options for our business. She was receptive, respectful, reactive to our opinions and preferences. Overall she has been very helpful in financial and tax planning.

by Jason L. on Song & Ho Group LLP
High quality, professional, and helpful services

Stephanie helped my business to file the first corporate tax report.Stephanie addressed my many questions and concerns professionally and she has and continue to be kind and helpful to me. I highly recommend her services to small business in need of assistance with accounting and tax preparation.

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