Business and Personal Tax

Save time at tax season and avoid missing important deadlines by having our experienced Vancouver tax accountants prepare and file your taxes with Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf. Our firm’s experienced Canadian tax service specialists manage a broad range of corporate tax and personal tax services. Your small business financial planning begins with our tax advice.

Our comprehensive business tax services cover a range of corporate tax services including services for sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. We carefully consider how your corporate tax obligations affect your personal taxes, and present remuneration options that provide the best benefit to you.

Personal Tax Return Preparation and Filing

Our tax team goes beyond preparing your personal tax return. Your financial goals and tax saving objectives are always our top priority. Students, professionals, self-employed individuals and seniors all have unique tax obligations in Canada. Depending on your employment situation, filing your taxes on your own can become a complicated process, but not with our professional tax accountants by your side.

Song & Ho Group LLP offers comprehensive personal tax return services that give you peace of mind knowing your taxes are prepared with accuracy and filed with the CRA on time.

  • Canadian personal tax returns
  • Trust return
  • Non-Resident tax return
  • Final Tax Return for a close family member

To learn more about our comprehensive personal tax services, contact us for a free consultation.

Non-Resident Tax Return Preparation and Filing

Do you need help preparing and filing your non-resident tax return? Our experienced team can help you better understand your Canadian tax obligations, and advise you on how to minimize your Canadian tax. Non-residents are subject to Canadian income tax on certain types of income that is derived from Canadian sources.

  • Reporting income earned in Canada
  • Declaring rental / investment income
  • Notifying a disposition of property to CRA (Clearance Certificate)
  • Filing a return to report income or loss from a business conducted in Canada

Business Tax Return Preparation and Filing

Our corporate tax service team helps develop smart tax strategies that maximize your tax savings, which can make a world of difference for the success of your business. To learn more about our corporate tax services, contact us for a free consultation.

  • Corporate tax returns
  • Partnership returns
  • Information slip returns
  • Self Employed

Correct your taxes with Voluntary Disclosures Program

Do you need to resolve a tax problem or CRA audit? Revenue Canada’s Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) provides an opportunity for individuals to disclose income information they may have omitted to correct tax mistakes and avoid penalties. Importantly, filing a disclosure must be voluntary and done before a CRA audit occurs. The VDP program can apply to many scenarios and situations, most commonly failure to report income earned from off-shore investments, not filed tax returns, or inaccurate expense claims. Song & Ho Group LLP can assist business clients with all VDP details, including conditions and requirements for a valid disclosure and filing with CRA.

Let our team help you take a pro-active approach and initiate a disclosure. Reopening a filing or making amends can offer many advantages. Learn the available options for resolving a tax problem and enjoy total peace of mind.

Get Help with Canada Revenue Agency Audits

If you have received a CRA audit, we will assist you to comply with the requirements. We will communicate with CRA on your behalf, scheduling and attending any required audit appointments. Our team will provide the professional assistance your need.

Did you know there are two types of CRA audits businesses can receive?

A Correspondence Tax Audits letter from the CRA Service Center is typically for simple or less complex tax returns. A business owner will need to prove that claimed business deductions are valid. Producing such items such as canceled checks and receipts will often suffice.

Most incorporated businesses and partnerships are subject to a field audit which is more complex and professional representation is recommended. Our team will work on your behalf to have an audit conducted outside your place of business, and negotiate any settlements so that you can relax and focus on other business priorities.